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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Something for the Ladies

Working at an ad agency affords me loads of free time during the day to surf the information superhighway looking for random stuff...and yeah, I should probably be doing real work or something. I mean, that's why I'm here...but that also sounds boring as shit.

Came across a little something for the Priorities' ladies today that hopefully you'll enjoy more than beating that 5'3" Freddy Adu wanna-be last Sunday.

That being said, I offer you Kickette. It's an english celebrity site devoted to displaying the hotness of pro soccer players (no pictures of the Priorities' men, surprisingly) and subsequently bashing all the loose-moralled females they hook up with.

P.S. For anyone that's ever wondered why we play on such small goals, allow me to provide this compelling rationale...



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